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Daniel (commish, agent): Thanks! Personally, just woke up at 6am and found Kevin Love playing tag with Andre Drummond in my garden. So I'll serve the boys breakfast, sign them to multi-million contracts, and then bike to the market :D Jul 15, 2023 5:11:02 GMT 1
Maurice (Hawks, Thunder): I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Anyone have some fun plans? Jul 15, 2023 4:10:53 GMT 1
Daniel (commish, agent): Looking forward to all your questions in the Q&A section! This is the only way we can build a vast treasure chest of information for future generations :) Jul 7, 2023 15:13:45 GMT 1
Dylan (Suns): I read through the league rules but still have a ton of questions, who is on my full roster? On the excel sheet, I only found a few names. Also, do we ever do a fantasy draft? Appreciate any input, thanks! Jul 7, 2023 13:52:02 GMT 1
Dylan (Suns): What's good Jul 7, 2023 13:39:05 GMT 1
Jim (Knicks): I missed on the big FA and have a ton of cap. Willing to take on expiring contracts if anyone is looking to move some Jul 6, 2023 18:05:44 GMT 1
Pearl (Kings, Pistons): 2:14am in New York :D Jul 6, 2023 7:14:04 GMT 1
Daniel (commish, agent): Is it 12:01 p.m. ET on July 6 yet? ;) Jul 6, 2023 6:38:40 GMT 1
Daniel (commish, agent): Jul 5, 2023 10:54:23 GMT 1
Pat (Bulls): Hey, I'm new. If someone could send an updated Discord invite link I'll join there and say hi (I tried the one Hornets sent in April but I think they expire) Jul 3, 2023 16:39:17 GMT 1
Andrew (Wizards): nice! my kid and I are coming out for the first weekend. if you make it over give me a shout Jul 1, 2023 5:18:45 GMT 1
Mike: I might go to a game or two since I live in Vegas. Jul 1, 2023 5:13:24 GMT 1
Andrew (Wizards): anyone heading to vegas summer league? Jun 30, 2023 19:32:13 GMT 1
TVG (Spurs, Celtics): Draft is live! Jun 23, 2023 1:20:23 GMT 1
Maurice (Hawks, Thunder): Loving the IRL NBA ACTION, Great time to be an NBA fan. Hope everyone is having a good night and good luck in the draft! ATL OKC :D Jun 22, 2023 5:32:23 GMT 1
Dante (Hornets): Discord Server , Please introduce yourself and I can assign roles to everybody. Apr 28, 2023 17:37:14 GMT 1
Dante (Hornets): I feel like it can be used as a great tool for all of us to enjoy this league even more, and to help market and create storylines. Here is a taste of a game I simulated between the CHA Hornets and the ATL Hawks. Apr 24, 2023 3:25:38 GMT 1
Dante (Hornets): inputting every detail of contracts and roster accuracy into a custom league in a Videogame called NBA2k23. It has very accurate simulations and is completely CBA accurate for transactions and rules, Apr 24, 2023 3:25:27 GMT 1
Dante (Hornets): Apr 24, 2023 3:24:51 GMT 1
Dante (Hornets): Hello Everyone, I know I'm pretty new, but I feel like I can really help this league prosper. I've noticed that there is some problems with recruiting, and to an extent marketing this great league. Anyhow, I spent this entire weekend (for better or worse), Apr 24, 2023 3:24:40 GMT 1
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